Safety and etiquette tips for trick-or-treating


Halloween can be a wonderful and fun-filled time not only for the little ones, but also for adults. There are some basic etiquette rules however, that we’ve put together to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone. Here are a few essential tips on how to survive the night of fright!

Trick-or-Treating. Every young child looks forward each year to dressing up in their favorite costumes and going door to door to receive an unlimited amount of sugary treats. Trick or treating should start at dusk while there is still some light for safety. Try not to crowd or stampede the doorways for candy, teach your children to be patient and polite.  Always remember the all-important “please” when they ask for a treat and “thank you” when they receive it. There is nothing like seeing a ghost or fireman at your front door with impeccable manners.

Neighborhoods. Traveling outside one’s own neighborhood is perfectly acceptable, especially for children who live in a neighborhood without sidewalks or less than child-friendly neighborhoods. Please note that if you do decide to leave your neighborhood, the best thing is to choose a neighborhood that you are familiar with or that a friend lives in. Keep in mind if a house is dark and all the lights are turned off, this is the unwritten sign that the family is not giving out treats or may not even be at home.

Costumes. As far as costumes for children, people love seeing the little ones dressed up and festive.   Adding glow sticks or reflectors is an additional way to make them bright of noticeable in the dark of night. Politically incorrect outfits or scary horror costumes are at times not considered appropriate. Older teens and adults may choose to let their wild imagination get the best of them, but, etiquette dictates that whatever they choose, they should try to be considerate of others and their environment. Ask yourself one simple question, “Would my costume offend someone or scare another person at the party”? If the answer is yes, then find an alternate choice.
Etiquette Tips.  Every child has the intention of filling up their bags with candy, so Halloween is the perfect time to teach your children to take only one candy and be sure to say “thank you”. At least one parent should accompany children up to at least the age of twelve. Make sure to speak with children about general safety rules, staying with their group, remembering to look both ways before they cross the street and if older, curfew time. Parents should always check the treats of the younger children before they eat them. Children should never eat anything that is handmade or specially prepared (unless you know the family).  Keep an eye out for teal pumpkins in the neighborhood! This is a project the Food Allergy Research and Education Organization launched to help create a safer and happier Halloween for all.  They are bringing awareness to the growing issue of food allergies and are asking neighborhoods to provide a candy alternative option such as toys.

Children love to eat Halloween candy and let’s face it parents love to eat their kids candy when they are asleep. Make sure to have a fun, safe and BOOTIFUL Halloween!

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