<h2><strong>Pets are people too</strong></h2>

Pets are people too

Moving can be an extremely stressful time for your pets. During the moving process, it is vital to look after your furry friends. Here are a few tips to keep Rover, Duke and Fluffy cared for during the moving process:
  • Become familiar with pet rules and regulations. Moving to a new place means new rules and regulations when it comes to pets. Landlords and homeowners’ associations may also have specific pet rules. You should become familiar with your new area’s leash laws, pet ordinances and/or pet licensing requirements.
  • Your veterinarian is a great resource. If you have an animal that dislikes traveling, your vet can suggest behavior modification techniques or medication that can make traveling less stressful for your pet. When talking to your vet, also discuss getting Rover or Duke micro-chipped, if not already. Getting pets identification microchips can be a vital step in reuniting pets with their owners.
  • Don’t forget to have new identification tags with your new address and phone number made for your pet’s collar, and if your pet has an identification microchip, remember to update your contact information in the database.
  • Remember to find a new vet in your new area before moving day. Before you leave your old home, make sure you get a copy of all of your pet’s medical records to give to your new vet and be sure to find the closest emergency animal hospital and keep that phone number handy.
<h2><strong>Keep things normal</strong></h2>

Keep things normal

  • Instead of pulling an all-nighter to pack, pack over a long period of time so that your pet thinks everything is normal. This will help keep their stress level down. If you are moving with cats, it can help to bring out their carriers out a few a weeks before the move. Put their favorite treats and toys inside their carriers so they can get used to it before the big moving day. Don’t pack the food away! Keep your pet’s food, water, bowls, medication and any other important supplies (like that favorite squeaky toy) off the moving truck and with you.
  • During the actual moving day, where boxes and furniture are being moved, pets should be removed. Find a friend who wouldn’t mind pet sitting or find a place away from all the noise of moving such as a doggy day care or cat care center. Keeping pets locked away in a room during moving day can make them anxious from all the noise and new people that might be in your home. If you must keep them locked away, find a quiet room and put a sign on the door such as “DO NOT ENTER- Cat Inside” so there is no confusion with the movers letting your pet out.