Our guide for The Perfect Move begins here
Life can be busy enough without the added to-dos that come with moving. But instead of letting moving overwhelm you at the last minute, keep organized with this moving calendar.
  • Contact Red Carpet Movers for a free estimate.
  • Choose the right mover for you. Nervous about who to trust? Check out our How to Choose a Mover checklist, to make sure you are asking the right questions.
  • If you are being relocated by your company, verify what your company relocation policy covers and what you will be responsible for.
  • Start to inventory your belongings and decide which items to get rid of, which to keep, where to place them in your new home, and which items (if any) need to go into storage.
  • Contact the IRS and/or your accountant for information on tax-deductible moving expenses.
  • Make sure you have reserved a moving company for your move.
  • Notify insurance companies, magazines, credit card companies, your employer, and all other organizations of your change of address.
  • Get change of address cards from your local post office.
  • If you live in a home, start to pack. If you live in an apartment, you should start packing later on. Stop by Red Carpet Movers to purchase materials, we can also help pack your house. Remember only pack items that you won’t need in the next few weeks.
  • Arrange to transfer children’s school records.
  • If you live in a large apartment, start to pack.
  • Begin to make arrangements to discontinue current service and schedule start-up of new services for gas, electric, water, cable TV and the telephone. Don’t disconnect the phone until after your move.
  • Remember to cancel newspapers, security, pest control, cleaning help, lawn maintenance and/or any other services you may receive.
  • Make special arrangements for pets and small children to keep them safe on moving day.
  • Return borrowed items. Collect items you’ve loaned or had in storage.
  • Refill all prescriptions.
  • Ask doctor and dentist for medical records if you’re moving out the area. They may also be able to recommend a colleague near your new home.
  • Start to disassemble any shelving, closets systems, etc. that you plan to take. Red Carpet Moves can assist you with this on move day if you would like as well.
  • If you live in a small apartment, start to pack.
  • Make your “survival pack” of the things you will need for the first days in your new home: Label “LOAD LAST.” I.e. Medicine (always keep prescriptions on your person), comfy clothing, linens and towels, toothbrushes and toiletries, disposable plates and silverware, microwave, vacuum cleaner, garbage bags, a tool kit, extension cord, light bulbs, and cleaning items.
  • If you have decided to pack yourself, make sure all the moving boxes have been labeled as you packed. Write the destination room on the top and sides of each moving box to ensure it gets to the right room in your new home.
  • Plan to use up most of your food items before the move.
  • Make sure you’ve mailed in your change of address forms.
  • Gather valuables and important documents from jewelry cases, safe deposit box, etc. to take with you in a car. Do not pack these items with your other belongings. Make sure you’ve also returned library books and any rented DVDs or movies.
  • Defrost and dry refrigerators/freezers to be moved.
  • Drain gas and oil from equipment (lawn mowers, leaf blowers, etc.)
  • Say goodbye to your neighbors!
Moving Day:
  • Arrange to be on hand for last minute details and to give directions to movers.
  • Leave the whole day for your move. Don’t plan to go back to work, arrange a dinner date, etc.
  • Have payment for movers on hand, avoid having to run out to the bank or ATM.
  • Make sure windows and doors are locked, keys are transferred and lights are out.
  • Breathe a sigh of relief, the move is over!
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