Do you offer free on-site estimates?
Yes, we do. All of our on-site estimates are free, but unfortunately we aren’t able to offer an on-site estimate to everyone. If we could clone our on-site estimators we could. Call us to find out if we offer free on-site estimates in your neighborhood. Back to Top
How do you charge for local moves versus long distance moves?
The cost for local moves is mostly based on the number of movers needed, the time it takes to move your belongings and the drive time between your old and new residence. Check out our local moves page for more information about pricing. The cost of a long distance move depends on the distance you are moving and the weight of your shipment. We give you a range of weights so that you can estimate for budget purposes. To determine the weight of your shipment, we weigh our truck without your shipment loaded at a government-regulated weigh station, then we load your shipment, and reweigh the truck. The difference between the two weights is the weight of your shipment. For long distance moves, Red Carpet Movers does not do consolidated shipping. You won’t have to worry about belongings being consolidated with other clients’ shipment. Because of this we are able to deliver your items within less time and are able to give you a more exact delivery window. Back to Top
Can I get a flat rate price?
Nope. We do not believe in flat rates. A flat rate means that you are treated just like everyone else. With us you are special, your move is special. We don’t think you should pay for services you don’t use. Back to Top
Do you charge extra for elevators/stairs?
We do not believe in charging an extra fee for elevators and stairs. Back to Top
What forms of payment do you accept?
For local moves, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, cash or check. For long distance moves we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, or cashier’s check. Back to Top
Are there any fuel or surcharges?
There are no fuel or surcharges with Red Carpet Movers. We have very black and white pricing, what you see is what you get. No surprises. Back to Top
Moving and Logistics
Do you move on Sundays? Weekends? Evenings?
Yes! We move customers 7 days a week. We really love it that much. Back to Top
Can I ride with the movers?
We’re flattered that you’d want to spend that much time with us, but for liability purposes, we do not allow clients to ride with the movers. You can always follow our trucks with your personal car. Back to Top
Are my items insured with you? What is valuation?
A moving company offers valuation for your goods, which is not technically insurance. Valuation refers to how much a moving company will pay for your belongings if they are damaged or lost by the moving company. Valuation is regulated by the State or the Federal Government. (The State when you’re making a local move. The Federal Government when you’re making a move that crosses State lines.) All licensed moving companies include the basic valuation in the cost of your move. In Texas, basic valuation is $.60 per pound per item. Valuation is based on how much something weighs. So a one pound bag of sugar and a one pound bag of diamonds is valued exactly the same. Its valuation in Texas is: $.60. Luckily, with Red Carpet Movers we offer a higher level of coverage for your belongings. Please give us a call at 972-242-4777 for more information. Back to Top
How big are the trucks?
So size matters to you. For local and long distance moves we use our 26-foot trucks. Wanna see one? Back to Top
How far in advance should I schedule my move?
We recommend scheduling your move as far in advance as you can. The farther out you can plan your move, the greater the availability you will have in choosing a date and time that is convenient for you. A general rule of thumb is to contact us no later than two weeks in advance of your desired move date. We realize advance planning is not always possible, and we do our best to accommodate last minute customers as well. Back to Top
Will your team disassemble and reassemble our furniture?
Our team will disassemble and reassemble any furniture pieces that require it. Sometimes we may not disassemble a certain piece based on a variety of reasons. Back to Top
What do I need to do to prepare my appliances for the move?
You should make certain that your dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, and dryer are empty. Additionally, the movers are not trained electricians or plumbers - you need to arrange for the appropriate professional to disconnect your washer, lighting/chandeliers, and refrigerator from any electric and/or water connection. Most importantly, movers are not licensed to disconnect gas, which power many dryers and ovens. Back to Top
Boxes and Packing
What things should I be doing before moving day?
We’ve created this handy move calendar to help you prepare for moving day. Back to Top
How ready do I have to be for the movers?
Remember that’s up to you. You can pack as little or as much as you like. Check out our Packing & Unpacking page or call us at 972-242-4777 to discuss your move. Back to Top
Can you help with packing/unpacking, or do I have to pack and unpack everything myself?
We would love to help! How much you pack or unpack is up to you. If your moving day is rapidly approaching and it’s clear you won’t get as much done as you’d planned, give us a call. Back to Top
How many boxes will I need?
Our Boxes and Supplies page has estimates of how many boxes you will need based on your type of dwelling. While there you can also learn about the different boxes we offer as well. Not all moving boxes are identical. Back to Top
How can I learn how to pack?
Our Packing Tips page is full of important information. You will be a master in no time, young grasshopper. Back to Top
Can I leave clothes in my dresser drawers?
It is generally fine to leave your clothing in your dresser drawers during the move. Be sure to remove anything from the drawers than may roll around or shift during transport, as this can cause damage. Nothing extremely fragile or any pet rock collections. If the dresser is particularly large (a triple dresser or part of a large armoire), it is best to at least partially empty it. Back to Top
Do I need to empty out my filing cabinets?
When the cabinets are made of metal or plastic, 2-drawer filing cabinets can be left full. The top two drawers of a 4-drawer cabinet need to be emptied. All lateral file cabinets need to be completely emptied. All drawers need to be emptied in wooden cabinets. Back to Top
Can I keep my items with Red Carpet movers while I look for my new place?
Sure! We can store your belongings for a monthly fee. We promise to tuck them in at night and maybe even read them a bedtime story. For more information about storage, check out our Storage page. Back to Top
Do you provide short-term and long-term storage?
You can store items in our storage for as long as you wish. Back to Top
How do you store my things?
You only pay for the exact amount of storage space you need. We are a full-service storage company. When you’re ready to store things, we can take care of everything, or you can pack and we’ll do the pickup. Our professional movers will show up at your door with all the correct equipment. They will wrap, protect, box, pack, carry, lift, inventory, drive and move your belongings into storage. When you want to get something out of storage, you can schedule a storage access appointment, or we will even deliver your stored item(s) to your door. For more information check out our Storage page. Back to Top
What we do and don't move.
Do you move cars?
We are unable to move cars unfortunately. Back to Top
Do you move plants?
We only move plants for local moves. Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to move plants across state lines or for intrastate moves due to government regulations. Also, plants need water and light; our trucks aren’t equipped to show them that kind of love. Back to Top
Can you move pool tables?
Of course we can! Now, if it is a slate table we do require it to be broken down prior to moving day. Back to Top
How about pianos?
Our professionally-trained movers are piano moving experts. We are more than happy to move an upright, spinet, or baby grand piano. There may be an additional charge for baby grands however give us a call for more information. Back to Top
Do you handle antiques/artwork?
We do! Let our professionally-trained movers pack up your Michelangelo and move your Starry Night. Back to Top
What other items are you unable to move?
Red Carpet Movers, as well as all Licensed Movers, will not move hazardous or combustible items such as propane tanks, firearms, paint, and aerosols, as the temperature in the truck could cause these items to explode or ignite. Back to Top
If you still have any additional questions please give us a call at 972-242-4777!