We know you mean business. We do, too.


Our business is to keep your business moving.

Moving an office is stressful. We understand your need to minimize the interruption to your daily business. Priority number one is to be back in business as soon as possible, to have as little downtime as feasible. Luckily our business is moving your business. Red Carpet Movers is ready to meet whatever your moving needs may be, even if that means sending crews out before the rooster crows. Or sending them out once you ship your employees’ home at 5, so the next morning they are set up and ready to go. That’s what coffee is for, right?

The perfect move means no surprises.

Our office move consultants will not only provide you with a competitive bid for your office move; but will solve important planning questions, and establish a timetable for your move. Organization is key. We will help your business stay organized even while in transit. We will talk directly to the building management of both your old and new facilities so we understand all the requirements that we must meet when moving your business.

Let’s talk about your office move.

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